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The Ultimate Forever Gift - An Exclusive Offer from Scillia Photography

To create the ultimate Painter Portrait, we plan your photo session first! Choosing the location setting that will enable us to capture your vision and create your masterpiece. Details include: Where in your home will the portrait hang, the portrait size, the colors in your home, your personal décor and lifestyle to choosing clothing options. The planning starts before we get behind the camera!

Painter's Portrait original picture before the process is applied.

What is a Painter’s Portrait?

The process starts with a fine photographic print taken by us and transferred to a high end Giclée Canvas. Watch this Video to see how the base Canvas is prepared before the Painter Portrait process begins

Original image detail. Brush strokes are then hand painted onto the canvas in a two-step process by skilled artists. First contour brush strokes are applied followed by a textured glaze. Then enhanced brush strokes are applied with oil enhancements to highlight the canvas for a true master’s look. After each step a special glaze is applied. This protects your Portrait for generations to come against fading and discoloration. The end result is a stunning portrait that rivals commissioned oil portraits which can cost $15,000 and up.
Image with painting process applied.

Painter Portraits start at $849 to $6,500.

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